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How to apply for Job in Saudi Arabia from Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia is one the major countries which imports a large number of labor force from all over the world every year. The most of the labor force working in Saudi Arabia is from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Somalia, Somali land and other under developed countries.....

How to get Job in UAE from Pakistan

There are countless people in Pakistan who search for or at least dream to work in Dubai however unfortunately very few of them get a Job there successfully. In Dubai there is a lot of space for talented people but most of the job seekers feel it very difficult to fulfill job and Visa requirements which are necessary to work in Dubai. 

Why Gulf Countries are firing their Foreigner Employees

Gulf Countries are one of the top most importers of labor force from past few decades. These countries used to give employment opportunities to the people of developing and under developed countries....

How to hunt a dream job easily

Job hunting is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort and attention to land to a suitable job which matches your educational and career background. Sometimes people spend their whole life finding a good job to make their livelihood and some people find it as soon they join their first job.

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Delta International Recruiting Agency Rawalpindi Pakistan