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What is Mass Hiring? Expedite the
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November 03, 2023


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Getting a job is easier now with online job boards and social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. People can compare jobs, send their resumes, and switch jobs quickly also hiring. The days of staying with one employer for a long time are gone.

On average, a person works for one employer for about four years before switching. Younger workers, aged 25 to 34, stay for about 2.8 years. The Great Resignation is a worrying trend where many people are quitting their jobs for better opportunities.

In June 2023, 59,000 thousand people quit their jobs, even though the Middle East added 431,000 new jobs. Hiring for these positions has been challenging for HR departments.

The Rise of High-Volume Hiring Trend

Mass hiring, also known as high-volume hiring, occurs when a company has the urgent need to bring in a large number of new employees within a short timeframe. This process demands meticulous planning, the establishment of efficient systems, and the mobilization of resources to swiftly identify and secure qualified and experienced candidates.

In contrast to the standard hiring approach, which typically involves filling one or two positions at a time, bulk recruitment services for Saudi Arabia puts the HR team under pressure to rapidly recruit hundreds of individuals. Despite the accelerated pace, the goal remains to ensure that each new hire meets the company’s standards and requirements without compromising on quality.

5 Ways to Make Recruitment Faster for Quality Employees

5 Ways to Make Recruit Faster

1. Build an A-Team

To accomplish any task, having a team of professionals is crucial. The HR team can kickstart the process by gathering experienced individuals from within the organization. These team members already possess the necessary knowledge and skills needed for the specific task at hand.

Building a new team from scratch can be expensive and time-consuming. Opting to include people from within the organization, such as managers, team leads, or other employees, is a more efficient approach. They bring their existing expertise and familiarity with the company’s dynamics, making the collaboration smoother and more effective.

2. Make a Plan

A plan for hiring a lot of people helps a company know what it wants to achieve. It’s good to break the plan into smaller parts so the team can follow it one step at a time.

  • Determine the number of jobs to fill and identify new roles needed for a clearer understanding of workforce needs, making it quicker to find suitable candidates.
  • Gain a competitive edge by understanding the local job market and offering attractive employee benefits, such as providing life insurance to new hires.
  • Create an appealing job post by collaborating with existing employees from specific departments to develop clear skills requirements. Be precise in the job post to attract candidates with the right skill set.
  • Analyze the budget for the hiring process, calculating each metric and creating a budget to manage costs effectively, considering the potential expenses associated with mass hiring.
  • Set a deadline for the hiring procedure ahead of the CEO’s deadline to prevent miscommunication and errors. For instance, if the goal is to hire 100 employees in a month, aim to complete the process within 20 or 25 days.
  • Prioritize hiring candidates for roles critical to business success. For example, in an IT company looking to expand operations, focus on filling roles like managers, software engineers, developers, and IT consultants first.Afterward, address other roles such as admin or mailroom staff, and consider hiring a chief compliance officer for smooth operations.

3. Expand Your Reach

Companies can find it hard to get the right employees when they only look in a small group of people. It’s smarter to reach out to more candidates using different ways of advertising. The more people you reach, the better chance you have of finding the right workers. Here are some ways to reach more candidates and make sure lots of people see your job post:

  • Advertise on Social Media:
    1. About 79% of job seekers use social media to find new jobs.
    2. Keep your social media pages updated.
    3. Use sponsored ads and choose your target audience carefully for more outreach.
    4. Social media advertising allows location targeting to find workers from specific areas.
  • Job Fair:
    1. Job fairs are excellent for getting many candidates.
    2. Colleges and universities are the right places for job fairs, especially for hiring a younger workforce of fresh graduates.
  • Walk-in Interviews:
    1. Walk-in interviews and applications can attract applications from valuable candidates.

4. Embrace Technology

Technology can make hiring faster and easier. It can save time and effort on paperwork, sorting through candidates, sending emails for interviews, and giving feedback. In overseas mass hiring for Middle East, time is super important, especially when dealing with lots of applications.

One way to use technology is by using application tracking software. This tool automates and speeds up the hiring process while keeping information safe and free from mistakes. You might also want to try business texting tools like GetWeave, Salesmate, or even email marketing CRM software to make things even smoother.

5. Establish a Quick and Efficient Screening System

When you need to hire a lot of people, you have to go through many applications. Use AI (like smart computer programs) to help choose the right ones. If you need specific skills, have the candidates take tests online to see if they’re a good fit.

These tests help you find the best candidates faster by looking at their skill scores. Once you have the top candidates, call them for an interview as soon as possible.

Once you’ve picked your new team, and the hiring is done, it doesn’t mean you’re finished. Good companies give feedback to people who didn’t get the job. This is respectful and helps those candidates improve.

Summarizing it

"" No matter the circumstance—whether it’s the Great Resignation or the company growing—your HR team should always be prepared to bring in new team members.""

Although the hiring process requires time and effort, setting it up correctly with the right steps makes it quick and easy to use, especially when incorporating artificial intelligence and new technology.

By following effective strategies, you’ll quickly attract the right employees who see the path to both personal and professional success with your company.

Tips for Employers: What is Mass Hiring? Expedite the Recruitment Process

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