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A Pakistani Guide to Degree
Attestation for Saudi Arabia

December 18, 2023


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Degree Attestation, guide, Process


Getting your Saudi Arabian Degree Attested and verified while you are working abroad can be quite a task. To get your Degree Attestation and approved for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan, you will need to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in your capital city and the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Islamabad.

Unfortunately, remote execution of these procedures from Pakistan is not viable, it requires in-person presence. In addition, when you start adding international flights to the mix, getting your Saudi Arabian document approval in person can quickly get expensive.

Requirements Document Attestation for Saudi Arabia

Before you go Saudi Arabia for things like studying, working, or moving, Degree Attestation from HEC MOFA, Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture for Pakistani Professionals is important and a necessity these days.

For Professional Pakistani expats in Saudi Arabia, degree attestation is required for various purposes:

  1. Applying and Stamping of Saudi Arabia Work Visa on Passport.
  2. Changing Profession on Iqama.
  3. Applying for a Permanent Work Visa.
  4. Applying for Educational Purposes.

Remember, professionals must have their degree attested to renew their Iqama.