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Resume Red Flags Guide
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December 16, 2023


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Resume Red Flags, Small Businesses


When you’re hiring for your small business, it’s important to find the right people who can boost your company. Making a good choice can lead to more money, but a bad one might cost you 30% of the person’s first-year potential income, says the U.S. Department of Labor. To make the hiring process easier, you should be able to quickly review resumes.

Research shows that a hiring manager usually spends only six seconds looking at a Resume Red Flags. It might sound short, but by becoming a smart reviewer, you can speed up the process.

Here’s a quick guide to help you review resumes efficiently and identify the qualities of a good employee.

Prior to Commencing

Take the time to create a good job ad that will attract the right people. A good ad has a clear job description with just the right amount of information— not too much, not too little. According to, job ads with 700 to 2,000 characters get 30% more applications than those with too little or too much information.

Job Description Essentials:

  • Key job responsibilities
  • Required qualifications and certifications
  • Company mission, culture, and benefits
  • Reporting structure for the position
  • Salary range
  • Job location (remote or in-house)
  • Role’s place in the company

In addition to a detailed job description, make sure to clearly outline the characteristics of your ideal candidate. This helps applicants understand how well their background fits the position.

Perfect Match Criteria:

  • Key traits we’re looking for
  • Skills you need
  • Experience level we prefer
  • Education requirements
  • Additional factors (like being bilingual)

Creating a picture of your dream candidate and listing job requirements will make it easier to assess and compare candidates. It also gives you a foundation for the interview questions later on.

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Getting Ready for Resume Review:

After you’ve posted the job on different sites and your company’s website, you’ll start receiving resumes. When the application period is over, it’s time to take a look at the quality of your potential candidates.

Getting Resume Red Flags Ready:

  • Make sure you have enough time to look at resumes.
  • If more than one person will be checking Resume Red Flags, create a screening committee.
  • Make sure everyone on the committee can see the job posting and resumes.
  • You can either print out the applications and Resume Red Flags or look at them online.

How to Assess a Resume:

A well-crafted Resume Red Flags can show a candidate’s relevant experience, highlight important achievements, and demonstrate their seriousness about the position. But what exactly should you be searching for?

Check the Cover Letter: Consider asking for a cover letter along with the Resume Red Flags. It gives you more insight into the applicant’s work history and their interest in your company. A good cover letter should offer detailed information about their qualifications and explain any employment gaps.

Pro Tip: If you requested a cover letter and the applicant doesn’t submit one, it might mean they’re not very enthusiastic about your position or are just sending out resumes without much thought.

As you read cover letters, pay attention to the overall attention to detail and how well it’s tailored to your company and the specific position. Look out for the tone, grammar, and organization.

Key things to look for in a cover letter:

  • Customization to your company
  • Summary of career path and changes
  • Explanation of why they’re a good fit
  • Professionalism
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • Attention to detail

For candidates here are Tips for Making Your Resume Stand Out!

Steps for Reviewing Resumes:

  1. Review Cover Letter:
    • Request a cover letter for additional insights into the applicant’s history and interest in the position.
    • Pay attention to details, customization to your company, and the overall quality of grammar and expression.
  2. Scan for Key Qualifications:
    • Examine resumes to ensure the applicant possesses the qualifications, education, and skills aligning with your ideal hire.
    • Categorize Resume Red Flags into “must-have” and “preferred” qualifications piles for a more organized evaluation.
  3. Identify Quantifiable Results:
    • Concentrate on measurable achievements, such as percentage increases or specific sales figures.
    • These quantifiable results offer a clearer understanding of the candidate’s potential for delivering tangible outcomes.
  4. Assess Career Intent:
    • Scrutinize the Resume Red Flags objective to discern the candidate’s motivations and aspirations.
    • Seek a clearly defined objective relevant to the specific job opening, indicating a thoughtful and purposeful approach.
  5. Review Previous Employment:
    • Evaluate dates of employment, relevance of work history, and the alignment of experience with job requirements.
    • Consider industry skills even if the candidate hails from a different field, as diverse perspectives can bring valuable insights.
  6. Watch Out for Red Flags:
    • Be vigilant for potential issues like unexplained employment gaps, lack of attention to detail, or inconsistencies in job stability.
    • Pay special attention to candidates with a history of consistent job stability, indicating a potential for long-term commitment.

After Reviewing Resumes:

Interview Applicants:

  • Conduct thorough phone interviews with open-ended questions, emphasizing cultural fit and assessing key traits.
  • Schedule in-person interviews with candidates who exhibit promising qualities.

Vet Your Candidate:

  1. Call References:
    • Reach out to their last employer to inquire about overall performance, adaptability, and work quality.
    • Gather insights into how the candidate dealt with challenges and contributed to their previous workplace.
  2. Employment Background Checks:
    • Utilize Delta International for Hires for expedited credit, identity, and background reports.
    • Obtain a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s financial responsibility, criminal history, and verified identity.


For Job Applicants:

  • Delta International Recruitment Agency ensures transparency, allowing applicants to review the information shared with employers.
  • Accelerates the hiring decision-making process, providing a quicker pathway to potential employment.

For Small Businesses:

  • Tailored for SMBs, Delta International Recruitment Agency offers rapid access to critical information, eliminating delays and administrative hurdles.
  • Facilitates a hassle-free, efficient screening process, allowing small businesses to make informed decisions swiftly.

How to Use Delta International Recruitment Agency:

Create an account with Delta International Recruitment Agency.
Send screening requests to applicants, initiating a seamless and secure process.
Applicants consent to share reports with the employer and authenticate their identity, ensuring a trustworthy and transparent exchange of information.
Consider integrating Delta International Recruitment Agency into your hiring process to streamline evaluations, enhance transparency, and make confident, informed decisions in a timely manner.

Tips for Employers: Resume Red Flags Guide for Small Businesses

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