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Best way to find and recruit blue collar workers

How to Recruit Blue Collar Workers? A Step-by-Step Guide

Sometimes hiring for blue collar roles can be hard for companies. This issue is mostly faced by companies in the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC) Countries. Because most of these countries have grown their economy drastically over the recent years.

GDP Growth Rate 2021 ~ 2023
Country Growth Rate
Saudi Arabia 8.7%
Kuwait 8.5%
Qatar 8%
UAE 7.6%
Bahrain 4.9%

Due to their growing economy, there are many employment opportunities which include a large number of blue collar jobs. Companies are looking to recruit blue collar workers but they are finding it difficult because of shortage of manpower in these countries. Here we are going to give you 3 easy ways through which you can find and hire blue collar workers in 2023!

#1: Post on Niched Job Boards

The difference between normal job boards and niche job boards is that the normal job boards have a wide range of candidates in various industries. But sometimes it gets really hard for recruiters to find specialized blue collar candidates on them.

So, the main difference between them is that employers can find niched candidates really easily on a job board. Some of the popular job-boards are Indeed and FlexJobs.

#2: Highlight Key Benefits to Attract Talent

One of the most effective ways to attract blue collar workers is to highlight the main benefits of the opportunity. Because people looking for these roles don’t have much of a strong educational background. 

Due to which they are easy to attract with just the key benefits of the role. Mostly these roles include construction workers, operators, and truck drivers.

#3: Hire Manpower from Overseas

Employers from GCC can find great talent by hiring from overseas. This can give hiring companies a major benefit of cost-effective hiring. People are willing to work in GCC on way lesser  benefits compared to native workers.

Best Countries to Recruit From Overseas

Most employers find it hard to hire from overseas. So, it’s the best thing to hire a recruitment agency in the country you’re looking to hire manpower from. These companies can find your desired candidates in no time.

If you want to hire blue collar manpower from Pakistan for Saudi Arabia or any other country in the GCC. Delta International can help!

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