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Document Attestation
Services In Pakistan

Delta International is the leading recruitment agency offering Document Attestation Services in Pakistan. We specialize in degrees attestation for UAE and Saudi Arabia. Our team have simplified the attestation process from HEC and MOFA ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Our attestation services help professionals in pursuing opportunities all over the Middle East. Delta International will guide you through the every necessary steps for document attestation and verification. Our team of recruitment and attestation experts have worked with both personal and professional document attestations. For over a decade, we are known for #1 Documents Attestation Service provide in Pakistan.

Why Do We Need Degree Attestation Services for Saudi Arabia in Pakistan?

Document Attestation necessary for various purposes such as employment and obtaining a work visa. Also, it is essential for updating job titles on the residence permit (Iqama). You Need Degree Attestation Requirement in Saudi Arabia for the Following Reasons:


Verification for Academic Qualifications

The degree attestation is an important step to ensure that academic qualifications meet the required standards and regulations in Saudi Arabia.

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Required For Work Visa Process

It is a mandatory step when obtaining a work visa, involving the verification and authentication of educational degrees. The stamp on your passport serves as evidence of the validated academic background.

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Required For Residence Permit (Iqama) Update

It is also required for changing job titles on the residence permit, emphasizing the importance of keeping official records up-to-date.

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Required for Documentation Authentication

Involves the authentication and validation of academic documents, confirming their legitimacy and accuracy.

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Required For Compliance with Regulations

The attestation process ensures that people comply with the specific rules and procedures set by Saudi Arabian authorities regarding academic qualifications.

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Required for Permanent Work Visa and Educational Pursuits

It is essential for applying for a permanent work visa or pursuing education in Saudi Arabia. Degree attestation acts as a formal validation of academic credentials in accordance with established regulations.

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What Are The Types of Documents That Are Attested

We attest various types of documents, categorizing them as Personal Documents, Educational Documents, and Commercial Documents.

If you have more than one diploma, we also attest them.

Attest Your Educational Documents From Delta

  • Matric, degree certificates,
    Mark sheets, etc.
  • Intermediate degree certificate and
    mark sheet
  • Bachelor or Higher Degree Certificate,
    DMC or Transcript
  • Diplomas

Attest Your Personal Documents From Delta

Besides educational documents we also attest the following personal documents:

  • Nikah Nama/ Marriage Certificate
  • Unmarried Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Character Certificate/ NOC from Police
  • Driving License
  • Bank Papers
  • Medical Documents

What Is The Documents Attestation Process Timing


What Are The Steps Required For Degree Attestation??

The degree attestation is time taking and frustrating. For complete attestation, you have to go through each department. But you don’t have to worry. Our degree attestation service is entirely customer-focused and aims to ensure satisfaction. All you need to do is submit your documents to our company, and within a short period, we will attest them from the following organizations:

Attestation of Documents from HEC by Delta
Attestation of Documents from MOFA by Delta
Attestation of Documents from the Saudi Culture Office
Attestation of Document from Saudi Embassy Pakistan

Which Documents Are Required Attestation from HEC?

First of all you need to attest your degrees from the Higher Education Commission. They offer online or in person service for attestation , which is time taking and hectic. But, we will attest them in your required time and money.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) will verify all your documents, including:

  • The original matric and inter certificates with mark sheets.
  • The original degree.
  • The complete mark sheet or transcript.
  • HEC will also validate photocopies after verifying the originals.
  • HEC attest all the photocopies of all degrees after the attestation of original documents

Which Documents Are Required Attestation from MOFA?

After HEC attests your degree, the next step is to attest from Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Islamabad. Here we need all your:

  • Educational Documents
  • Personal Documents
  • Commercial Documents

Documents Attestation from
the Saudi Culture Office

We also attest the documents from the Saudi Culture Office. This means that you need to get a stamp of approval from the Saudi Culture Office before moving on to the embassy. It’s an important step in ensuring that your educational documents meet the requirements for recognition in Saudi Arabia.

Document attestation from
Saudi Embassy Pakistan

For the attestation of your documents from the Saudi embassy in Islamabad, you need to submit all your documents to Delta International Recruitment Agency. Only the person holding the title and their blood relatives can submit documents. No other submissions will be accepted. We will not be given authorization to any individual or office in Pakistan or abroad to collect documents on their behalf.

Why choose Delta International Recruitment Agency?


ISO Certified Recruitment Agency in Pakistan

Delta International Recruitment Agency is proudly ISO-certified, ensuring our recruitment processes adhere to international standards.

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Recognized by the Government of Pakistan

Our agency holds official recognition from the Government of Pakistan, underscoring our legitimacy and compliance with national regulations.

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Member of the Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA)

Delta International Recruitment Agency is an esteemed POEPA member aligned with industry standards and ethical practices. This membership reinforces our dedication to promoting fair and ethical overseas employment opportunities.

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Branch offices in different parts of the country

We are located across various regions of Pakistan, ensuring widespread accessibility. This network allows us to effectively connect skilled people with employment opportunities and serve diverse industries.

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Best-qualified manpower to the Gulf (Middle East)

We specialize in providing the Gulf region, particularly the Middle East, with top-tier, qualified staffing.

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FMCG, Engineering, Construction, Labors (Skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled), IT etc.

From Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to Engineering, Construction, IT, and more, Delta offers a diverse range of skilled, unskilled, and semi-skilled labor to meet the unique staffing needs of various sectors.

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Here is the video Guide for Document Attestation Services in Pakistan for Professionals

Delta International has been working with top overseas employer in GCC with professional who are looking to get there degree attested from Pakistan 5+ years.

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