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How to Deal with No-Shows in Interviews

How to Deal with No-Shows in Interviews?

Interview no-shows happen when a candidate does not come to the planned interview. It’s tough to find the right candidates for Qatar, and when they don’t show up, it can be really frustrating.

There could be various reasons for a candidate not showing up, but as a Hiring Manager, it’s important to handle it well. If you do not, it can hurt your employer brand.

Dealing with interview no-shows in a positive way is crucial. If you handle it well, it not only helps ease the frustration but also shows that your organization is understanding and flexible. This is important for keeping a good reputation, even when unexpected things happen during the hiring process.

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Here are some things to do when someone does not come to an interview:

1. Practice Self-Controlled Behavior

When faced with an interview no-show, it is important to stay calm. Even if the candidate’s behavior seems unprofessional, avoid reacting impulsively. Sending harsh emails or calling them immediately can lead to arguments and harm your company’s reputation, especially if the candidate shares their dissatisfaction on social media.

2. Refer to Communication Log and Verify Details

Before making assumptions, double-check all the details. Look for any miscommunication regarding the interview time, date, or location. For video interviews, ensure the provided link is correct, and time zones align. Clear communication helps prevent misunderstandings.

3. Be Polite and Understanding

If possible, be understanding of the candidate’s situation. Extend kindness if they had an emergency. Greet them politely, allowing time for them to settle. Flexibility and understanding, especially for valid excuses, contribute to a positive candidate experience.

4. Make Inquiries

Wait for at least an hour before reaching out to the candidate. Send a short email expressing disappointment and verifying the situation. A phone call can also be made to check if they forgot about the interview. Based on their response, make a decision on how to proceed.

5. Move On and Send a Polite Rejection

If repeated attempts to contact the candidate go unanswered, it is time to move forward. Send a polite rejection email, adjusting your message to the circumstances. Clear communication throughout the process helps prevent disputes later on.

To prevent interview no-shows from happening frequently, adjust your hiring process. Here are a few things to think about.
Image Source: Cronofy.com

Understand Candidates’ Expectations and Goals Beforehand

Before scheduling interviews, discuss the job role in detail with candidates. Understand their thoughts on the job, salary expectations, interests, and why they applied. Assess their enthusiasm for the workplace to ensure a good fit.

  • Reduce Screening Time and Offer Flexibility in Interview Scheduling
    • Avoid lengthy and cumbersome screening processes. Aim for a smart and efficient screening approach. Be flexible in allowing candidates to choose a preferred date and time for interviews. Utilize recruitment agency to streamline processes and offer self-scheduling options.
  • Keep All Candidate Communications Clear
    • Maintain clear and transparent communication throughout the hiring process. Clearly convey your recruitment process and timelines to candidates. Send a confirmation email upon receiving their application and maintain an email thread for interview schedules and other details. Prompt and transparent communication encourages a similar response from candidates.
  • Obtain Candidate Feedback
    • Understanding the reasons for interview no-shows is crucial for prevention. Invite candidates to share their feedback through surveys or direct inquiries. Even a handful of honest responses can provide valuable insights to improve the process.

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