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What’s the Difference Between Recruiter vs Hiring Manager

What’s the Difference Between Recruiter vs Hiring Manager?

When we discuss who’s really in charge of hiring, are we focusing on the end result, not the entire process? Recruitment works as a team effort, with the hiring managers and recruiters agencies playing key roles. One oversees the process, while the other looks after the end results. They each have distinct duties in the recruitment process.

So, to grasp the contrast between recruiters and hiring managers, let’s start by exploring their roles in the recruitment process.

Who is a Recruiter?

A recruiter is a skilled professional responsible for identifying, attracting, and hiring exceptional employees for an organization. Their primary focus is on talent acquisition, ensuring that the recruitment process stays on course and aligns with the hiring goals set by managers. Recruiters work with the provided job criteria, seeking out the most suitable candidates, thoroughly assessing them, and presenting the top choices to managers for their review.

In some cases, recruiters may be external experts, either part-time, contract, or permanent employees hired by the organization. They are tasked with managing the hiring process for executive, technical, and managerial positions, often requiring advanced hiring skills and relevant work experience. Now, let’s delve into the specific duties that recruiters undertake in the talent acquisition process.

What is the Role of Recruiters in Recruiting?

  • Find and Attract Candidates
  • Advertise the Job
  • Talk to Applicants
  • Check Applicants Quickly
  • Have Phone Chats
  • Look at Resumes
  • Show the Best People to Managers
  • Plan Interviews with Managers
  • Give Job Offers to Candidates
  • Discuss the Offer
  • Help with Hiring Process with the Manager
Image Source: https://www3.recruiter.com/

What is a Hiring Manager?

A hiring manager, also called a recruitment manager, is someone who wants to find the right people to fill a job in the organization. For instance, if the head of the marketing team needs digital marketing experts, they tell the hiring manager about the job they need to fill.

The hiring manager also leads and works with a team, including recruiters, HR lead, sourcing team, and other key members. Together, they make sure the hiring process runs well. The main job of the hiring manager is to oversee the hiring process, make important decisions, and use data about hiring to make the process even better.

Key Responsibilities of a Hiring Manager:

  • Understand the Job Needs Clearly
  • Create a Good Job Description for Ads
  • Lead the Recruitment Team Well
  • Interview Candidates Recommended by Recruiters
  • Get Feedback from the Team about Interviewed Candidates
  • Decide on Salary, Benefits, and Perks
  • Negotiate with Potential Hires on Offers and Deal Breakers
  • Give Approval for the Job Offer
  • Help New Hires Get Started
  • Make the Final Decision on Hired Candidates

The recruiter handles the process of hiring, while the hiring manager looks after who gets hired. Recruiters run the hiring steps, and hiring managers make the final decisions on who to hire. Recruiters build up a group of potential candidates, and it’s the job of the hiring manager to choose from that group.

Working together makes the hiring process smoother. The hiring manager is in charge of the results. If a hiring decision doesn’t turn out well, it’s the hiring manager’s job to figure out what went wrong in the hiring process and find ways to make it better. Now, let’s see how recruiters and hiring managers can team up to improve the hiring process.

Image Source: AIHR

How Can Recruiters and Hiring Managers Work Together?

Absolutely, hiring managers should be part of every recruitment step to make the process smooth and prevent bad hires. Collaborative hiring means everyone in the team joins in and works together to find the best talent for the organization.

So, it’s really crucial that the goals of recruiters and other managers match up. Here are a few ways recruitment managers and talent acquisition executives can team up.

Now there are 2 things which needs to be right before hiring manager and recruiters can work together:

Choose the best hiring tools

They need to pick a Saudi hiring agency that helps them do collaborative hiring effectively. Plus You should ATS for management. Here are some important features that the Applicant Tracking System offers for team-based hiring.

  • Recruit Dashboard
  • Personalized Portals
  • Synchronized Team Scheduling
  • Structured Hiring Scheduling
  • Team Notes
  • Video Interview Tool
  • Group Hiring Conversations
  • Web and Calendar Integration
  • Job Approval Workflow
  • Employee Referral Portals

Develop a culture of Communication

In team hiring, everyone needs to talk a lot with each other and the hiring manager. Talking all the time is really important for a well-organized hiring process. The hiring manager should be clear about what they expect in each step of hiring and give helpful feedback.

Talking a lot helps the recruiter and hiring manager know what’s going on in hiring. It also helps them handle challenges in the job market and understand what job seekers expect. This way, they can stay competitive in the tough market for hiring great people. And don’t forget, talking openly with possible candidates is super important for the recruitment team too!

In Conclusion

Now, let’s look at some important things the hiring manager and recruiter should pay attention to during the hiring process.

Recruiters need to be careful about how they present themselves because they are the first ones who talk to candidates for the organization. Making a good first impression is really important to attract the right talent. Also, hiring managers should set achievable goals for hiring and choose the right tools to make the hiring process work well.

In the end, an organization can only hire the best people if the recruiter and hiring manager work together effectively. Working together is the secret to success.

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