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Strategic Recruitment Agency
In Pakistan For South Korea

Whether you are looking for a short term or long-term contract staffing solution, outsourcing your employees offers a wide range of benefits. We help Fortune 500 companies outsource over 5,500 associates across GCC, MENA, and Levant region. We are the best option as Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for South Korea.

Our process

We are the Solution for Recruitment Agency in Pakistan for South Korea

Expecting to double or triple in size? Whether itÔÇÖs recruiting a handful or excess hiring, we help business to successfully scale while keeping a lean, mean recruiting machine.

Convey Requirements

Convey Requirements

Fill out the form on top, telling us about your hiring requirements and needs, on what scale are you hiring and a few details about your company to kickstart the process.

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Requirements Review

Requirements Review

After you’ll fill the form, our team will review your needs and information provided. We will be contacting you shortly after to help you get started in pursuit of the most suitable candidates for your company.

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Hire Candidates

Hire Candidates

After the requirements process is done, your job will be done since we will be providing you probable candidates which we think will be best suited for organization’s needs.

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Why Companies Choose Delta ?

Long term

While your workforce takes care of your business, we take care of your workforce, taking tedious back-end functions like HR and payroll off your hands.

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Short Term

Authorized by the Ministry of Manpower and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Govt. of Pakistan for undertaking the document attestation work.

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Remote 360

Authorized by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan and the Saudi Consulate at Islamabad to provide services related to visa processing.

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Authorized by the Medical Recruitment Attaché’s office of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia at Islamabad to provide Recruitment Services to the Ministry of Health, KSA, and its offices in Pakistan.

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Agile & Committed
Reliable & Transparent

Why Korean Companies
Hire From Pakistan

We are always here to provide you with what you need. Our Pakistani Manpower Recruitment Agecy have the right people, the skills and motivation to help you edge out the competition. Set your company up for success by smoother, faster and reliable hiring, of any level. We remains committed to collaborating in order to provide hassle-free services, customer satisfaction and above all, transparency in our process.

  • Agile & Committed
  • Collaborative
  • Future-Driven
  • Reliable & Transparent

Delta International Key Achievements

acheivments 46,000+ Offered Foreign Employment
acheivments 13+ Years of experience
acheivments 26 Awards Winning
acheivments 300+ Satisfied Companies

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Delta international recruitment agency handles all manpower services under one roof. You can get the complete overseas recruitment services from employee verification to background check. Our manpower services are well defined and befitting for all the job seekers out there. Our presentable environment makes our company the best among the top employment agencies in Pakistan.