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Permanent and Contractual Placement Services

From the permanent hiring, temporary recruitment, or salary benchmarking to even the executive search, Delta International Recruiting Agency Services and Solutions are proficiently building and managing your workforce. As our recruiting agency is recognized by the Government of Pakistan.

We are also the member of the Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA), that specifically provides highly trained professionals and best-qualified manpower to the Gulf (Middle East), Far East, and to different parts of the world in numerous sectors of industry such as FMCG, Engineering, Construction, Labors (Skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled), IT & Telecom, Doctors, Education, and Banking & Finance, etc.
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Our Advantages

We excels by providing Temporary Recruitment Services In Pakistan

We have branch offices in different parts of the country making our presence, availability and reach across the country easier. As a Manpower Recruiting Company we have contractual agreements, MOU’s with the world’s renowned companies to provide Skilled, Semi-Skilled, Unskilled, White Collar, and Blue Collar Workers and Manpower from Pakistan.

Our working environment and facilities that we provide to both clients and candidates make us top overseas employment agencies in Pakistan among other Manpower Consultants from Pakistan. Delta International Recruiting Agency has emerged as one of the best Manpower Recruitment & Overseas Employment Agencies in Pakistan. We have modernized the concepts of recruiting by minimizing the distance between the Employee & the Employer.

We believe in delivering results & over the years we have been able to provide Manpower to Multinational Companies Worldwide. We are one of the leading and most demanding Overseas Employment agencies for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region. Our scope isn’t limited only to the Middle East but we are also working for our clients in Far East Asian countries.

Recruiting Temporary Placements

With years of experience, we offer temporary staffing solutions to companies in GCC, MENA, and Levant. Our team of recruiters uses traditional and modern strategies to find the best candidates for your open roles.

Why trust us?

Choose Delta and Experience Top-Quality Recruitment Services - The Go-To Agency for Finding Exceptional Talent in GCC, MENA, and Levant Regions

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Temporary placement and recruitment is a process of providing short-term staffing solutions to businesses in Pakistan. These temporary workers are hired for a limited period of time to meet the immediate and short-term requirements of the organization.
The duration of a temporary placement can vary depending on the needs of the organization. In Pakistan, temporary placements can last anywhere from a few days to several months. The duration of the placement is agreed upon between the employer and the temporary staffing agency.
Temporary placement and recruitment provide several benefits to businesses in Pakistan. It allows companies to quickly and easily fill in any gaps in their workforce and meet their short-term staffing needs. Additionally, it helps companies save on recruitment costs, as the temporary staffing agency handles all the recruitment and hiring processes.

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