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How Recruitment Agencies Get Clients

How Recruitment Agencies Get Clients?

Getting career consulting from recruitment agencies for career development is pretty common nowadays. Many job seekers are now seeking recruitment agencies as a great way to get job opportunities. But many people (mostly job seekers) are still confused about where recruitment agencies are getting clients from? 

As being the leading recruitment agency in Pakistan, we can give you that answer. A recruitment agency is just like every business out there in the world. There are many ways that an agency can get clients but here we are only going to discuss 5 methods through which agencies get clients.

5 Common Ways Through Which Recruitment Agencies Get Clients:

1. Using Social Media and Paid Advertising

One of the most common ways a recruitment agency finds clients is through Social Media. There are multiple methods in these social media platforms to reach the target audience. Recruitment agencies providing staffing solutions on social media can easily reach prospective clients who are looking for recruitment services.

Another way is through paid advertising on social media and search engines. Recruitment agencies place their Content/Ads in front of people who are looking for help in hiring. Mostly this content is designed to provide solutions to their recruitment needs with a lead form.

2. Scraping Companies Data who are hiring through Job Boards

Most companies who are looking to recruit talent take help from Job Boards in hiring.  By using different tools recruiters can easily get the information of companies who are hiring through job boards.

This maybe is not the best way through which a  recruitment agency can get clients. But most of the time, recruiters from the recruitment agencies can build a client network from future hiring.

3. Cold Calling & Cold Emailing to Potential Prospects

Getting clients through cold calling and emailing is one of the hardest and effective ways for agencies. It’s a very old method from traditional marketing for B2B and B2C clients, but can work greatly for staffing companies if implemented correctly.

This method can also build brand recognition, but recruiters who are trying to use cold calling and emailing must be familiar with the prospect’s industry.

4. Clients From Referrals

Like every other business, if a staffing agency is delivering greatly to its clients. Clients of recruitment agencies also refer them within their network. Full-filling staffing needs of  referred clients is much easier for recruiters than from a cold lead.

5. Networking within different industries

Staffing agencies can get many clients by networking with various industries. Recruitment agencies must understand different needs for each industry to deliver accurately. 

Having a strong network in different industries is really important for recruitment agencies. It can open up great clients and agencies in relationships. With the power of networking, the staffing agency is known as the best recruitment agency for Saudi Arabia in the whole KSA.

Now you may have a broad image of how a  recruitment agency gets its clients. Being in the recruitment industry for 10+ years gave us the advantage of working with some very big clients in the GCC and Middle East.

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