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The Complete Guide to
Saudization and its Requirement?

May 14, 2024


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Saudization, Requirement, Guide

The Complete Guide to Saudization and its Requirement?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, known for its thriving economy and rich cultural heritage, attracts ambitious professionals in Saudi Arabia from around the globe. However, before you update your resume and prepare for your journey, you may encounter an unfamiliar term in your research "Saudization."

What does this term mean, and how could it affect your dream job in this vibrant country? This article will uncover the details of Saudization, a policy that significantly influences the Saudi workforce.

What is Saudization?

Saudization is the process of increasing the participation of Saudi nationals in the country's economy. It is a key element of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the economy and create jobs for Saudi citizens.

When did Saudization Started?

Saudization is a national employment initiative in Saudi Arabia that aims to increase the participation of Saudi nationals in the country's workforce. The initiative was launched in 1995 by the Saudi government in response to the high unemployment rate among Saudi nationals.

Saudization has been a controversial policy, with some critics arguing that it discriminates against foreign workers. However, the Saudi government maintains that the policy is necessary to protect the jobs of Saudi nationals and to create more opportunities for them in the country's growing economy.

How Does Saudization Works?

Under the Saudization program, the Saudi government has set quotas for the number of Saudi nationals that must be employed in certain sectors of the economy. These quotas vary depending on the sector, but they are generally higher for sectors that are considered more important to the Saudi economy.

Impact of Saudization in Labor Market:

  • The number of Saudi nationals employed in the private sector has increased significantly since the program's launch.
  • The unemployment rate among Saudi nationals has declined.
  • More Saudi nationals now work in the private sector.
  • Displacement of foreign workers.
  • Rising cost of labor.

Requirements for Saudization:

  • Small companies (under 5 people) only need 1 Saudi worker (not counting the manager).
  • Medium companies (5 to 99 people) don't have a set number for Saudi workers.
  • Big companies (over 100 people) need at least 3 out of every 10 workers to be Saudi.

Requirements for Saudization:

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Why is Saudization important?

Saudization is really important for Saudi Arabia. First, it helps the country not rely too much on just oil. By giving Saudis jobs in different areas, it makes the economy stronger and more stable. Second, it's a big help for Saudis who don't have jobs. By making jobs in companies, it brings in money from other countries and makes the economy more lively. Lastly, Saudization keeps things calm socially. When Saudis have jobs and there's less unemployment, it helps keep people happy and stops problems. So, Saudization is key for Saudi Arabia to stay strong and peaceful in the long run.

Benefits of Saudization

  • It can help to diversify the economy and create more jobs for Saudi citizens.
  • It can boost economic growth and make Saudi Arabia more competitive in the global economy.
  • It can help to reduce unemployment and poverty among Saudi citizens.
  • It can improve the quality of life for Saudi citizens by providing them with more opportunities for employment and education.
  • It can strengthen the social fabric of Saudi society by creating a more inclusive and diverse economy.

Challenges of Saudization

  • The high cost of Saudization
  • The lack of qualified Saudi workers
  • The resistance of foreign workers to being replaced by Saudi workers
  • The need to create new jobs for Saudi workers

Despite these challenges, Saudization is an important goal for Saudi Arabia, as it is essential for the country's economic and social development. The government is committed to Saudization and is taking steps to address the challenges that it faces.


Saudization is an important economic and social transformation for Saudi Arabia. It has the potential to create jobs, diversify the economy, and improve the lives of Saudi citizens. However, there are also challenges to Saudization, such as the need to develop skills and training programs for Saudi workers and to attract foreign investment.

If Saudi Arabia can overcome these challenges, Saudization can be a success story. It can help to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for the country.

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