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December 11, 2023


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Employee Value Proposition


For a while now, not many people have been jobless, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that right now, it is the job seekers who have the upper hand. There are more job openings each month than there are people looking for jobs. Moreover, Employee Value Proposition finding skilled workers is getting tough because recruiters are not in control anymore. The job seekers get to decide now, thanks to lots of job options and the need for top-notch talent.

So, how do you make your company really attractive? The key is something called Employee Value Proposition (EVP). If a company offers a good EVP, it can get the recruitment agency best people to join and make sure the current employees stick around. Let us dig into this idea a bit more.

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What does Employee Value Proposition (EVP) mean?

EVP, or Employee Value Proposition, refers to the rewards employees receive, whether in money or other benefits, for their service to a company. Examples of these benefits include learning programs, monthly incentives, and monetary compensation. This employer offering helps build a strong employer brand and enhances employee engagement.

In simpler terms, Employee Value Proposition means providing employees with valuable benefits, support, and recognition for their loyalty to the organization. A well-crafted EVP is highly effective in cultivating workplaces where employees are content, naturally driven to give their best.

Why Employee Value Proposition Matters

The Power of Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Having a strong EVP gives your organization a special advantage over others by building an appealing employer brand. This leads to several benefits:

1. Attracting Top Talent: A unique EVP is like a magnet for talented individuals. It makes your organization stand out, attracting great candidates. For example, if your company offers flexibility to work from home, it becomes a preferred choice because it helps employees balance work and life.

2. Retaining Employees: Many American employees are casually looking for new jobs, ready to switch if the right opportunity comes along. Losing skilled people means a lengthy process of finding replacements. A compelling EVP, with its perks and benefits, builds loyalty among employees, making your company a top choice. Fortune 500 companies invest heavily in retaining their workforce for a reason.

3. Cutting Recruitment Costs: Recruitment agencies for Bahrain in Pakistan takes time and money. A strong EVP draws in numerous applications from desirable candidates, reducing the need for expensive job listings, ads, and brand marketing.

By retaining top employees through EVP, organizations also avoid the unforeseen costs of rehiring.

What makes up an EVP?

  • Money Perks: Like your salary and other financial bonuses.
  • Job Goodies: Benefits for your work, such as paid leaves, health insurance, vacation pay, retirement benefits, and memberships.
  • Career Boost: Programs to help you grow in your job and learn new things.
  • Comfy Workplace: A nice environment with recognition, a good balance between work and life, and more.
  • Team Spirit: A positive and friendly company culture where everyone works well together.

Employee Value Proposition Examples

Yelp: Yelp, a well-known crowd-sourced review forum, fosters a strong sense of community in the workplace. The organization’s appealing Employee Value Proposition (EVP) includes:

  • Gym Memberships
  • Healthcare Benefits
  • Unlimited Snacks
  • Various perks designed to enhance employee happiness.

Canva: Based in Australia, Canva, a popular organization, provides employees with exciting and unique projects directly contributing to their professional growth. Canva’s EVP encompasses:

  • Gym Memberships
  • In-house Lunches and Breakfasts
  • Relocation Budget

Adding to the allure of an already cool working environment.

Shopify: Shopify, a Canada-based e-commerce platform, stands out as an excellent workplace. The brand’s outstanding Employee Value Proposition features:

  • Fully Catered Meals
  • Learning and Development Budgets
  • Health Benefits for both employees and their families.

With a strong emphasis on personal growth, Shopify’s self-directed learning programs have become a unique selling point over the years.

HubSpot: An American IT company, HubSpot prioritizes learning, flexibility, and work-life balance. The company offers:

  • Fully Remote Work Opportunities
  • Parental Leave
  • Five-year Sabbatical
  • Unlimited Vacation

And a host of other enticing benefits. HubSpot values the well-rounded lives of its employees beyond the confines of the workplace.

Useful Employee Value Proposition Facts

According to Gartner, having a good employee value proposition (EVP) can cut down the extra pay companies need to give by half.
Gartner also says that having a compelling EVP can lower the number of employees leaving every year by almost 70%.
Fast Company found out that when people are happy at work, they get about 12% more work done.
Fast Company also reports that Google’s employees were 37% happier after the company started doing more things to support them.

Creating a Great Employee Value Proposition

To craft an appealing Employee Value Proposition (EVP), start by evaluating your current offerings and conducting interviews with both current and past employees to understand their preferred benefits. Once you’ve identified key components, proceed to create your EVP, emphasizing the selected elements. The next step involves actively promoting and sharing your EVP to gauge improvements in your employer brand.


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Understanding the Connection Between Employee Value Proposition and Employer Brand

It’s essential to grasp the relationship between an Employer Brand and an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). While the employer brand communicates a brand’s essence, the EVP plays a vital role in shaping a robust employer brand by showcasing both monetary and non-monetary employee benefits. A compelling EVP provides a competitive edge, enhances branding efforts, and positions the brand as a top choice for potential candidates.

Tips for Employers: What is Employee Value Proposition?

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