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We are committed to help talented individuals in finding exciting job opportunities in various industries. Our industry expertise, large network, personalized approach, quality job opportunities, professional development, and confidentiality are some of the reasons why you should consider working with us.

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Tips To Get Hired

Select The Right Headshot

As the saying goes, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So make sure that your profile picture is the most recent, professional-looking, and appropriate. Don’t be tempted into cheesy poses, and avoid using your Facebook or Instagram photos as your professional profile pic.

Be Clear With Your Job Title

Choose a clear, descriptive job title that describes your desired role at a glance. Avoid obscure or gimmicky titles, or job titles which are overly broad. Remember, you’re trying to attract the attention of a recruiter who may be in the process of skimming tens or even hundreds of profiles.

Pay Attention To Detail

Ensure that your profile is complete and that there are no important details missing – recruiters are keen to gain a overview of your

capabilities, responsibilities and achievements, and a detailed and accurate personal profile can help them with this.

Include Recommendations And Groups

Recruiters pay close attention to recommendations, so it pays to include these if you’re able to. Endorsements from credible sources can help raise your profile, and move you up the list of credible candidates. Likewise, information on groups you’re part of can help recruiters gain an insight into your likes, ambitions and personality.

Be Flexible As Possible

Be open to entry-level positions, part-time or contract work, and remote opportunities. This can lead to valuable experience and lead to future job opportunities.

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