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November 17, 2023


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The scarcity of skilled and talented workers has shifted the balance of power, leaving employers with fewer options to choose from a surplus of talent. The tech-savvy and highly skilled candidates now dictate the terms of the job market. This shift presents a challenge for recruiters who find it increasingly difficult to fill vacancies promptly.

This evolving dynamic compels employers to reassess their traditional recruitment strategies. The days of sitting back and waiting for job applications to flood in are over. In this competitive environment, proactive talent sourcing has become imperative. Employers must take the initiative to actively seek out and attract qualified candidates, rather than relying solely on the passive approach of waiting for potential hires to come to them.

Embracing a more proactive stance in talent acquisition allows employers to stay ahead in the race for securing the best candidates. It involves actively engaging with potential hires, leveraging networks, and adopting innovative approaches to talent identification. By being proactive in sourcing talent, employers can adapt to the changing landscape and ensure they do not miss the opportunity to secure the most valuable assets for their teams.

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Active Sourcing: What Does It Involve?

Active sourcing is the process of proactively discovering, attracting, and involving top-tier industry talent to create a talent pool in advance. This talent pool is cultivated and ready to be tapped into when job openings emerge. The term “active sourcing” encompasses all the recruitment actions aimed at connecting with and persuading preferred candidates about the appeal of a job opportunity.

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Understanding the Mechanism of Active Sourcing

No matter if someone is studying or not looking for a job right now, employers are staying in touch with skilled people. They keep these skilled individuals in their talent pools for when they have job openings in the future. To do this, recruiters need to build relationships and stay connected with potential employees. This happens at events like job fairs, HR seminars, university programs, and networking events.

  • Why is this Important? When there is a job opening, it is much easier to fill it quickly if there’s already a group of qualified candidates ready to go. This is where active search recruitment comes in. It helps create a pool of highly qualified and pre-screened candidates.
  • Social Networking in Recruiting Recruiters today are also using social networking. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and XI have billions of active users. These platforms give recruiters more ways to connect with potential talent.

Signs you’re Not Actively Finding the Right People

  • Job Posting and Waiting: If you are just posting jobs and waiting for people to apply, it might not be the most effective way.
  • Sorting through Applications: Spending a lot of time going through applications? That is a sign of a passive approach.
  • No Time for Active Search: If you are too busy to actively search for talent, you might miss great candidates.
  • One Tweet and Done: If one tweet is your only attempt, and you give up quickly if it does not work, that is a passive move.
  • Neglecting Your Database: If potential candidates are just sitting in your database without any action, it is a missed opportunity.

Having a passive recruitment strategy might mean you are not getting the best talent. It is essential to actively search for the right people to meet your hiring goals.

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Benefits of Active Recruitment

Active recruitment is a forward-thinking and hands-on way of hiring that comes with several advantages:

  • Faster Hiring: By actively seeking and keeping potential employees in a talent pool, the time it takes to hire someone is cut in half.
  • Higher Interview Success: Recruiters who actively source candidates are 7 times more likely to have successful interviews because they have already built a good relationship with the candidates.
  • Cost Savings: While active sourcing needs more effort upfront, it pays off by reducing the cost of hiring by 10 to 15 percent and significantly boosting your recruitment return on investment (ROI).
  • Business Continuity: Active sourcing helps prevent disruptions in business operations caused by unexpected vacancies. This, in turn, avoids loss of revenue due to declines in work quality and customer service.
  • Quick Role Filling: Building purposeful relationships with potential employees in advance makes it easier to fill roles quickly when needed.

Unlocking Active Sourcing: 3 Simple Steps

If you are looking to bring active sourcing into your organization, here are three straightforward steps to get you started:

1. Revamp the Recruiter’s Role

Skilled candidates are not just looking for a job—they want to be part of a company that offers a fantastic work environment, a positive culture, and aligns with their personal goals. Recruiters actively sourcing candidates need to convey what the company has to offer. This can be achieved by being active on social platforms, getting creative with job adverts, and tapping into the social networks of talented employees within the company.

2. Streamline Processes with Automation

To focus on building relationships and engaging potential employees, recruiters should automate manual, tedious, and time-consuming recruitment tasks. Utilizing HR tech, such as an applicant tracking system, can streamline every step of the recruitment process, freeing up time for more meaningful interactions.

3. Rethink Performance Metrics

Shift the focus from the number of applications and interviews to growing and improving the talent pool. To ensure sustainable recruiting success, leverage automation to your advantage. This helps not only in quantity but also in the quality of the talent you attract and retain.

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Tips for Employers: Methods to Find and Keep the Right Team with Active Sourcing

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