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A Guide for Recruiters on Recruitment
Process Outsourcing (RPO)

October 28, 2023


Delta International


To handle the demand for new hires and make it easier to find the right people, companies turned to RPO outsourcing. This helped them grow and save money by using technology and expert support. If you’re thinking about improving how you find new talent with RPO, this guide for recruiters can help!

"" 2023 Businesses Market Research show that using RPO can cut annual hiring costs by 38%, and 69% of new hires feel really connected to their work.""

What RPO Stands For

Full Form of RPO is “Recruitment Process Outsourcing”.

What does RPO Recruitment mean?

RPO involves a company outsourcing its hiring tasks to an external firm dedicated to recruitment functions and tasks.

How does Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) operate?

RPO, a subset of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), acts as an extension of a company’s internal HR department. Its goal is to boost efficiency, cut costs, speed up hiring, and tap into a more diverse talent pool.

The connection between the RPO provider and the employer is based on a contract. RPOs simplify the hiring process by handling tasks like finding, screening, and assessing qualified candidates.

Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO companies play a crucial role in offering both on-site and off-site recruitment support to organizations. They are tasked with efficiently planning and executing the entire hiring process. Here are a few additional points to consider:

  • RPOs must focus on talent and hiring manager engagement.
  • Candidate management is crucial for RPOs to bring quality talent on board.
  • RPO staffing works on strategic sourcing to attract top talents.
  • Compliance and risk management come in handy with RPOs.
  • RPO providers offer employer brand consulting to develop a good brand image and improve the candidate experience.
  • RPOs provide recruitment analytics reports and also conduct pre-employment screening.
  • Vendor partnering and supply chain management are the back-end responsibilities of RPO providers.
  • They develop a network of early graduates and college pass-outs to keep the unrepresented candidates within the talent pool.

Categories of RPO Solutions in the Market

Comprehensive RPO

This is an ongoing solution encompassing all Recruitment Process Outsourcing services related to permanent hiring, including investments in hiring technology. Due to its complexity, executing full RPO can be challenging. However, it offers the best savings, efficiency, hiring outcomes, satisfaction, and compliance. Your RPO provider will handle tasks from strategic workforce planning to sourcing, selection, evaluation, offer management, and onboarding.

Project-Centric RPO

Similar to comprehensive RPO, project-centric RPO manages the entire hiring cycle but for a specific project or duration. This RPO solution is suitable for companies facing talent shortages due to business expansion or the launch of new ventures. Project-centric RPO allows you to maintain internal hiring capabilities for routine recruitments while benefiting from comprehensive RPO for specific hiring initiatives.

On-Demand RPO

Small businesses may experience disruptions in the hiring process during sudden spikes in recruitment, such as new product launches or creative endeavors. To meet seasonal hiring demands for quality talents and manage the recruitment workflow during such spikes, firms opt for on-demand RPO. RPO professionals enhance the capacity of the internal team without altering the hiring process.

Modular RPO

Recruitment Process Outsourcing companies offer modular or selective RPO to firms looking to strengthen specific aspects of their internal hiring process. It is a demand-based approach that provides expertise in tasks requiring a large workforce. Typically, firms outsource candidate sourcing and screening to RPO providers to expedite the initial stages of the hiring process. However, you can also seek administrative support, assistance in candidate management, or any other specific component.