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December 23, 2023


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Working together to find the right people for a job is important. It’s like a team effort where everyone, including hiring managers and recruiters, needs to collaborate for a smooth hiring process. In this collaboration, the hiring manager is crucial. They are the main players in making sure everything works well.

However, here is the issue: many times, hiring managers are not fully involved. A survey found that 51% of them are not engaged, and 14% are actively not interested.

Here we will tackle this problem and discuss practical solutions to get hiring managers more involved in the recruitment process. First, let’s go over the basics!

Understanding the Role of a Hiring Manager

A hiring manager, sometimes called a recruitment manager, is the person in charge of finding and hiring the best people for a job in a company. They work closely with a team of recruiters, HR lead, direct supervisor, sourcing team, and other core team members to make the hiring process smooth.

The hiring manager makes important decisions and keeps an eye on how well the recruitment process is working. They play a key role in getting the right people to join the company.

Understanding the Job of a Hiring Manager

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Let’s break down the important tasks and duties that a hiring manager takes on during the recruitment process. Here are the main responsibilities

13 Key Responsibilities of Hiring Manager

  • Requesting to fill an open position.
  • Figuring out what the open position needs.
  • Creating and guiding a clear job description.
  • Setting realistic expectations for applicants.
  • Deciding the roles and duties of the hiring team.
  • Working closely with the hiring team.
  • Providing guidance on effective job ads and sourcing strategies.
  • Collaborating with recruiters to plan interviews.
  • Interviewing applicants.
  • Choosing the final candidates.
  • Working with HR to decide on pay, perks, and benefits.
  • Planning the onboarding process and making job offers.
  • Checking Recruitment Process metrics and giving feedback to improve the hiring strategy.

Challenges in Getting Teams and Managers on the Same Page

Collaborative teams sometimes find it tough to involve hiring managers in the process, and it can have a big impact. A report by U.S.News says that managers who are not fully engaged cost the US economy a lot—between $319 billion and $398 billion each year. The reasons for this could be past bad experiences or just not having clear communication about why the hiring manager is not fully committed.

Hiring managers often feel that HRs could do a better job in the hiring process. In fact, 71% of managers in a survey by Visier think that HRs need to improve the quality of hires and the overall hiring strategy.

Here is small guide on How to Make a Hiring Manager Happy?

Some common problems the hiring team faces when it comes to involving the hiring manager in the Recruitment Process:

  • Hiring managers are not happy with the quality of candidates.
  • Recruiters and hiring managers sometimes disagree on Recruitment Process strategies and how much time each stage should take.
  • Unrealistic expectations from hiring managers.
  • Unclear requirements for the open role.
  • The desire to fill the position quickly.
  • High and unrealistic expectations from recruiters.
  • Lack of communication between the hiring team and managers.
  • Busy or preoccupied hiring managers.
  • Doubts about the ability to screen and interview applicants.

Proven Strategies for Involving Hiring Managers in Recruitment

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To make sure everyone is on the same page during the hiring process, it’s crucial to involve the recruitment manager effectively. Let’s explore some practical tips to engage your hiring manager in the recruitment process.

  1. Organize Discussions & Training Sessions Ensure both the recruitment team and hiring manager understand the job requirements, responsibilities, and the recruitment approach. Training sessions before starting the process can educate the team on effective sourcing, screening, and hiring strategies, involving the hiring manager.
  2. Simplify Communication Channels Use collaborative tools like an Applicant Tracking System to streamline communication. This reduces lengthy email conversations, allowing team members to communicate in one place. Regular interactions between recruiters and hiring managers keep everyone updated and gather feedback for a smoother hiring process.
  3. Address Manager’s Pain Points Recognize the importance of the interview stage and the hiring manager’s role. Offer training sessions to enhance interviewing skills and conduct mock interviews. Explore creative approaches, like informal coffee discussions, to make the process less formal and help hiring managers understand candidates better.
  4. Understand Hiring Managers’ Requirements Consult with hiring managers to understand the specific requirements of open positions. Gather details on must-have skills, day-to-day responsibilities, qualifications, technological proficiency, ideal skills, compensation, benefits, and expected time-to-fill positions. This clarity ensures the team matches candidates to specific roles effectively.
  5. Identify Potential Deal-Breakers Keep hiring managers informed about candidates’ requests related to flexible schedules, salary expectations, and benefits. Identifying potential deal-breakers, especially in roles with specific requirements, prevents restarting the hiring process.
  6. Embrace Transparency and KPIs Share recruitment company data to evaluate what techniques work best. Utilize tools like an Applicant Tracking System to access key recruitment Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This transparency allows the team and hiring manager to discuss effective solutions and continuously improve the hiring process.

Final Thoughts on Getting Hiring Managers Involved in the Hiring Process

In conclusion, the key to successful hiring is keeping communication open and being transparent about the roles being filled. So, during hiring by Recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Romania, it’s important to talk openly and share information. This builds strong relationships with hiring managers and helps recruit the best candidates more effectively. Everyone involved needs to be on the same page, and teamwork between recruiters and hiring managers is crucial to figure out what’s needed and set realistic expectations.

To sum it up, this blog has provided practical tips to fully involve your hiring manager in the recruitment process.

Wishing you a Productive Collaborative Hiring Experience!!

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Tips for Employers: Best Recruitment Process Strategies That Include Hiring Mangers

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