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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding
Saudi Arabia’s Manufacturing Sector

May 24, 2024


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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Saudi Arabia’s Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing industry is a key contributor to the Saudi Arabian economy, accounting for a significant share of GDP and employment. The industry is also a major source of exports and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. This growth is being driven by a number of factors, including rising demand for manufactured goods, increasing investment in the sector and hiring manpower from overses, and government support for manufacturing.

The Manufacturing Industry in Saudi Arabia


The manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia is diverse, encompassing a wide range of sub-sectors. Some of the major sub-sectors include:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Automotive
  • Textiles
  • Food Processing
  • Machinery

In 2023, the manufacturing sector employed over 1 million people and accounted for over 53% of Saudi Arabia's total exports. The industry continues to grow due to rising demand, increased investment, and government support.

Economic Contribution

The manufacturing industry contributes approximately 10% of Saudi Arabia's GDP and employs over 2 million people. It includes products such as petrochemicals, metals, machinery, and food products. The sector's growth is driven by rising demand for manufactured goods, government investment in infrastructure, and the development of new industrial parks.

Opportunities for Businesses

The growth of the manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia presents numerous opportunities for businesses, both local and international. These opportunities include access to a large and growing market, low-cost labor, and government incentives for investment.

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Types of Manufacturing Jobs in Saudi Arabia

The manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia offers a wide variety of jobs. Some common types include:

  • Production Workers
  • Machine Operators
  • Quality Control Inspectors
  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Sales Representatives
  • Marketing Managers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Logistics Managers
  • Financial Analysts

These jobs vary depending on the size and type of manufacturing company. Understanding the different roles can help you identify the best fit for your skills and interests.

Requirements for Manufacturing Jobs in Saudi Arabia

The requirements for manufacturing jobs in Saudi Arabia vary by role but generally include:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • Technical skills in a specific area of manufacturing
  • Work experience in a manufacturing environment
  • A strong understanding of safety procedures
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • A good attitude and work ethic

Specific roles may require additional qualifications, such as a college degree or certification.

Benefits of Working in the Manufacturing Industry in Saudi Arabia

There are many benefits to working in the manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia, including:

  • High Salaries: Manufacturing jobs typically pay higher salaries than other industries due to the high demand for skilled workers.
  • Opportunities for Advancement: The rapidly growing industry offers many opportunities for career advancement.
  • Job Security: The manufacturing industry is stable, reducing the risk of job loss.
  • Good Working Conditions: Companies typically provide safe working environments, competitive wages, and benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.
  • Skill Development: The industry provides opportunities to learn new skills and develop your career through exposure to different manufacturing processes and teamwork.

How to Find Manufacturing Jobs in Saudi Arabia

There are several methods to find manufacturing jobs in Saudi Arabia:

  • Job Boards
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Company Websites
  • Networking
  • Social Media

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Applying as soon as possible, tailoring your resume and cover letter, and preparing for interviews can increase your chances of securing a job.

Tips for Success in the Manufacturing Industry in Saudi Arabia

  • Get the Right Education and Training: Stay updated on the latest trends and technologies in manufacturing.
  • Develop Your Skills and Experience: Take on challenging projects and seek out mentors.
  • Network with Other Professionals: Attend industry events and join professional organizations.
  • Be Open to New Opportunities: Embrace learning and trying new things.
  • Be Persistent and Never Give Up: The manufacturing industry can be challenging, but persistence pays off.


The manufacturing industry is a vital part of the Saudi Arabian economy, providing jobs for millions and contributing significantly to GDP. The industry is growing rapidly, offering many opportunities for qualified workers. If you are interested in a career in manufacturing, Saudi Arabia is a great place to start.

If you have any questions about working in the manufacturing industry in Saudi Arabia, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help you find a job that is right for you.

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