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Iqama Expiry Penalties:
What You Need to Know

January 29, 2024


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Iqama Expiry, Penalty, Saudi Law Updates

Iqama Expiry Penalties: What You Need to Know

Understanding Iqama Expiry Penalties

Violation of Iqama Renewal

In Saudi Arabia, adhering to the regulations regarding the Iqama, or resident ID, is crucial for expatriates living in the country. Failure to renew the Iqama before its expiry date is considered a violation and triggers a series of penalties. Employers are typically responsible for the renewal process and associated fees, especially for their employees and any dependents.

The renewal process has been streamlined with the advent of online services, allowing for renewals up to six months in advance and even from outside the country. However, neglecting this duty can lead to significant fines and, in severe cases, deportation.

It is highly recommended to initiate the Iqama renewal at least three days before its expiration to avoid any penalties.

The fines for late renewal escalate with each occurrence:

  • First-time delay results in a fine of SR 500.
  • A second delay incurs a fine of SR 1,000.
  • By the third instance, the individual may face deportation proceedings.