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What is Employer of Record (EOR) and
How to Select One?

November 08, 2023


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What’s an Employer of Record (EOR)?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is like a helper for businesses that want to hire workers in other countries. Instead of dealing with all the legal stuff themselves, the business hires the EOR, who takes care of everything—payroll, benefits, taxes, and following the work laws.

Businesses use EORs when they want to hire people from different countries but don’t want the hassle of handling all the paperwork. This is super handy for companies looking to grow in new places or quickly hire more people without the headache of managing everything themselves.

When a business partners with an EOR, it can focus on growing while the EOR handles all the paperwork and legal stuff.

Now, think about the jobs you’ve had before. After the excitement of getting hired, you had to do a bunch of paperwork, figure out how you’d get paid, deal with taxes, maybe get some benefits like health insurance, and make sure all the work permits were good to go. Usually, HR takes care of this part, but some companies choose to let an EOR handle it. In addition this guide is by a top Qatari HR Agency with proper data.

Why would a company use Employer of Record services?

Companies often use an Employer of Record (EOR) when they want to do business in a new country but don’t want to set up a physical office there. Making a local business entity can be expensive and take a long time. Sometimes, a company needs to move quickly for a project or a short-term plan.

So, they use a global Employer of Record to hire workers in that country. The EOR takes care of local payroll, employment stuff, and immigration. The EOR is also the legal employer for the remote employees in that country.

How is an EOR different from a Global Employment Organization?

Using an EOR is usually part of a bigger plan called Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO). GEO helps companies of any size set up a workforce in a foreign country. The GEO follows all the local laws, taxes, and work permits. They might use an EOR to handle the payroll for the workers.

The GEO is like a one-stop-shop for the company using an EOR through the GEO service. An EOR could also be a temporary solution while the company sets up a local office and operations.

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What are the benefits of using an Employer of Record?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is super helpful when a company wants to expand to a new place without already having a presence there. The EOR takes care of important stuff like payroll, taxes, and immigration in the new country. They also help with hiring international talent, background checks, and other admin tasks.

Here are the main perks of using an EOR:

  1. Quick Market Entry:
    • Companies can start working in a new country really fast, like within 48 hours, without dealing with compliance issues. The EOR acts as the legal employer for your international hires, letting you grab new opportunities quickly.
  2. Convenience:
    • EOR solutions, like Airswift’s, give companies flexibility. You can test new markets or do short projects without setting up a physical office in a foreign place. This is great for smaller companies that don’t have all the infrastructure for handling local payroll, immigration, and taxes.
  3. Cost-Effective:
    • Using an EOR saves companies from the extra costs of setting up and maintaining an office in a foreign location. From finding global talent to staying compliant, an EOR helps companies manage their money better and focus on growing. It’s especially good for smaller companies without the setup to handle local payroll, taxes, and immigration.
  4. Risk Reduction:
    • An EOR takes on the responsibility and risks that come with hiring and working internationally. They handle things like employee benefits, payroll, and legal compliance, protecting the company from making mistakes. Working with a good EOR service gives companies peace of mind that everything is done right.
  5. Core Employment Tasks Handled by EOR:
    • Sponsoring the right visas and work permits
    • Making sure expansion and hiring plans follow local rules
    • Providing a legal entity in the new country
    • Managing employee compensation and benefits
    • Helping with employee relocation
    • Handling notice periods and ending contracts properly

Limitations of Using an Employer of Record (EOR) Company

When you work with an EOR company, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Legal Relationship: The legal connection is between the employee and the EOR. The EOR doesn’t handle the day-to-day work stuff; that comes from the original employer. This can make it a bit unclear who’s responsible for what.
  • Control Over Payroll: The employment relationship is technically between the employee and the EOR. So, the original employer loses control over how the payroll works.
  • Possible Confusion: Things can get confusing if the company pays employees every two weeks, but the host country requires monthly payments. The international employee gets paid through the EOR based on the host country’s rules, not the company’s usual payroll process.

Alternatives to Using an Employer of Record (EOR)

If you’re thinking about options other than using an EOR, here are some alternatives to consider:

  1. Professional Employer Organization (PEO) vs. EOR:A PEO is one option. It’s different from an EOR because it doesn’t handle the employment relationship and associated risks. Instead, a PEO helps with payroll, registration, and compliance. It might even connect you with an EOR. In this case, you’d manage relationships with both the PEO and the EOR.
  2. Independent Contractors or EOR?: Another alternative is hiring independent contractors for in-country operations. However, this might not be the best choice for long-term assignments. Independent contractors often change jobs frequently.
  3. Employer of Record or Staffing Agency? Some services overlap between an EOR and a staffing agency. Both manage the temporary deployment of personnel for a client company. But staffing agencies might lack the expertise to handle global employment contracts, laws, and regulations.
  4. Registering an Entity In-Country: If you have the funding and time, you can choose to register an entity in the country. This works well for long-term, permanent bases. If you need a temporary solution while registering, an EOR can help. In countries with long registration periods, the EOR agencies for Saudi Arabia can temporarily handle international employment. Once your entity is set up, they can transition back to your company, saving time and money.

Considerations for Each Alternative:


  • PEO: Helps with payroll, registration, and compliance. Doesn’t handle employment relationships like an EOR.
  • Independent Contractors: Suitable for short-term work, but not ideal for long-term assignments due to frequent job changes.
  • Staffing Agency: Manages temporary personnel deployment but may lack expertise in global employment laws.
  • Registering Entity In-Country: Viable for long-term plans if you have the resources. EOR can be a temporary solution to save time during registration.


Choose the option that fits your company’s goals and timeline.

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Choosing an Employer of Record (EOR) Service Provider

When picking an EOR service provider, take your time and consider these questions:

  1. Operations in Destination Country:

    • Does the EOR have experience working in the country you’re expanding to? It’s best if they know the local scene well.

  2. International Compliance:

    • Are they compliant with the employment laws of the destination country? This is crucial for avoiding legal issues with payroll, taxes, and immigration.

  3. Industry Experience:

    • Have they worked with businesses similar to yours? Understanding your industry helps them tailor a solution that fits your company’s needs.

  4. Communication:

    • Will you have a single point of contact or an online portal? It’s important to be treated personally, not just as a number, especially when dealing with people.

  5. Communication:

    • Will you have a single point of contact or an online portal? It’s important to be treated personally, not just as a number, especially when dealing with people.

  6. Core Focus:

    • Is the EOR service a core part of their business, or just a side thing? A core focus ensures better performance and higher employee morale.

  7. Paperwork Process:

    • What’s the paperwork involved in getting the EOR on board? It can vary based on your needs, country regulations, and the service provider. Reach out to Airswift for details.

  8. Cost of Services:

    • How much does the EOR service cost? Prices are usually customized to fit your needs. Airswift works with clients to create solutions that suit their requirements.

If you want more guidance, check out our article on comparing EOR companies. It gives you a useful framework to find the best EOR service provider for your business.

Simplify Your Global Business Expansion with Delta International Recruitment Agency’s Employer of Record (EOR) Services

At Delta International Recruitment Agency, we make expanding your business internationally easier with our EOR services.

Global Employment Outsourcing Solutions:

  • Our EOR services are available in over 60 locations.

  • We help our clients employ and manage recruiting international workers without relying on third-party providers.

  • Dedicated in-house teams handle all procedures.

Immigration Support:

Location-Specific Employee Support:

  • We have local teams in the countries we work in.

  • Our teams regularly check in with clients’ new hires and answer any questions that may come up./p>

Accurate Payroll Management:

  • Payroll procedures vary by country. We provide payroll services that follow local regulations.

  • We help clients with everything from setting up a local bank account to tax payments and worker compensation.

De-mobilization Services:

  • When a worker’s contract ends, we support with tax clearance, immigration cancellation, and end-of-lease arrangements.

  • We help with closing bank accounts and organize return travel.

If you’re expanding internationally, Delta International Recruitment Agency can be your partner. Our EOR services cover essentials like outsourcing payroll management, ensuring labor law compliance, handling tax filing, and sponsoring work visas.

We’re a global business with a local touch, living and working in the countries we operate in.

Tips for Employers: What is Employer of Record (EOR) and How to Select One?

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