Strategic Recruitment: Workplace Branding and Employee Satisfaction

Recruitment as a sale

Most organizations realize that recruitment is, at any rate somewhat, a business procedure. The inquiry is: What are you offering? Many organizations conduct recruitment as though they were offering work substance and pay. Some have advanced to understanding that the best meeting is a two-way meet: the competitor offers him/herself to you; you pitch your association to them. Be that as it may, how would you know what hierarchical attributes to offer? What is it about your working environment culture that would mean something to potential employees? Workplace Branding gives a few answers.


Why now?

There are generally two challenges in recruitment, dealing with improper possibility for simple to-fill positions and finding contender for difficult to-fill positions. Strategic recruitment addresses both issues

Recruitment efforts have advanced from newspaper classified, to a couple of online websites, to multiple job postings, social networking sites and a host of other more sophisticated and aggressive candidate sourcing methods. As recruitment for difficult to-fill positions turns out to be more aggressive, chances increment that your great people will be approached by search firms attempting to lure employees away from their current assignment. The less consideration you pay to employee satisfaction, the more helpless you are to spontaneous head chasing calls and untimely turnover High training costs and long orientation periods make this particularly painful. When approached, will your employees say, “No thanks,” I’m happy where I am?”

 strategic recruitment

Workplace Branding

I imagine an existence where all nonprofits know the workplace strengths their employees acknowledge most and who advance these strengths internally and externally; where turnover is low and candidates are pulled in to businesses who offer them a superior fit. Workplace branding joins target promoting and deals with vital arranging and employee satisfaction. It strengthens the work environment in zones of most significance to employees. If you are an expansive association, advance profession ways and progression If you are small and can’t pay well but are well-managed, promote sound leadership and employee opportunities for rich experience. Consider promoting an innovative workgroup solution that allows employees to influence results. The bottom line-determine your strengths and leverage them.


First, overview your employees for what they like and don’t care for about working for your association. What got them to you th