After hearing many customers and associates remarking on the fact that it is to attract good quality people to their business, I chose to conduct an experiment on recruitment techniques.

recruitment process

So, what did I find? Well, I was shocked! Here’s some interesting snap-shot findings:

  • Not one company confirmed receipt of my application.
  • Only one company returned call when I phoned to ask for more information on the role that they were advertising.
  • The representative of that one company who did respond (funnily enough, a company recently awarded a customer service award!) was extremely rude and left an extremely abrupt message on my phone saying “Aidan Hooper returning your call”. Call ended.
  • Not one company advised what had happened to my application.
  • Of the companies that did respond, not one had a formal telephone interview process.
  • Not one company representative that contacted me was friendly or courteous. In each case, they were abrupt and acted as if it was a major effort to answer basic questions about the role.

So, what can you do to be different in your organization?

Here’s 11 things you can implement immediately into your business that are guaranteed to increase the quality of your applicants:


Always acknowledge acceptance of an application.

Regardless of whether it’s a speedy standard pre-programmed message (and these can be effortlessly set up in Outlook), guarantee that you react to every last application. This says you are not kidding in regards to recruiting the best individual to the best organization.

If needs be, set up a different email address and have an auto-responder attached. Have a message that says something like:

“Thanks for your application. We’re as of now preparing all applications and we will be in contact with you preceding (date) should you be effective in anchoring a meeting. Best respects, (your name).”

That way, in case you’re not keen on their application you don’t need to hit them up, yet at any rate you have contacted them. They will recollect this. All things considered, you never know when a candidate will one day be a future decision maker in purchasing from you!


Make time for the recruitment process

If you don’t have time to dedicate to processing applications, at that point designate it to somebody who does. It’s a stunning case to set when you influence a candidate to feel that you don’t have time for them. What does this say in regards to you and your company when they come to work for you!


Extend common courtesies to applicants

Keep in mind forget that the brilliant manage is to regard candidates as you might want to be dealt with, in this manner, in the event that somebody sets aside the opportunity to call you, at that point guarantee that you restore their call at the earliest opportunity. All things considered, this could be the ideal candidate that you’re going to disregard.

If you invite them in for an interview, ensure that reception knows of their arrival and greets them by their first name with a BIG smile!


Send a confirmation email to those invited to an interview

While welcoming a candidate to a meeting, guarantee that you get their email address so you can send them an affirmation email sketching out where to discover you and where the best place to part is. Also attach a copy of your Company Vision and Guiding Principles. This is exceptionally amazing to a prospective employee.


Don’t keep people waiting

Make an effort not to keep individuals sitting tight when they arrive for a meeting. If you are unavoidably running late for reasons unknown, let them know precisely to what exactly you will be. And make sure that your receptionist offers them plenty of beverages and magazines to keep them occupied.


When conducting interviews, ensure that you are fully prepared

While recruiting a person, they noticed if you are not prepared. Guarantee that you have their CV with you, a copy of their application and a sheet containing your inquiries questions.


Ensure that your company’s recruiter is fully trained

As the entrepreneur, CEO or Managing Director, odds are that you have the information and aptitudes to lead awesome meetings. Anyway your managers may not be as mindful of the nuances of drawing in the most ideal candidate. Guarantee that your supervisor has an astounding handle of the recruitment process and shows a perfect nature consistently. All things considered, they are elevating your organization to the candidate.


Be a good interviewer

It generally stuns me what number of individuals direct meetings where they do all the talking. At that point they think the candidate is fantastic on the grounds that they concurred with all that they said! Guarantee you make open finished inquiries and after that quit talking and tune in!

Make opening inquiries that unwind the candidate. Furthermore, be pleasant! Have an exchange, not a cross examination. You discover progressively that way!


Remember that these applicants were once you

When we get busy (and self-important), we frequently overlook that quite a long time ago, that individual applying for this position was much the same as you. Recollect how you felt when you were applying for a job – would you say you were apprehensive, on edge, worrisome? Did you have everything riding on this meeting so you could pay the children school expenses and the home loan?

Think what would have put your anxiousness at ease. Things like a big friendly smile and welcome go a long way.


Ensure all communication is friendly and positive

Continuously speak with candidates in a friendly and positive way. Regardless of whether you feel that they are totally wrong for the part or show up somewhat “insecure”, dependably treat individuals deferentially.


Get back to unsuccessful applicants after an interview

Once the successful candidate has acknowledged your offer to work with you, guarantee that you inform the unsuccessful candidates by telephone or email.


Last Words

The upshot is that in the event that you need to draw in awesome individuals to your business, you need an extraordinary procedure set up. You likewise should demand that everybody engaged with the process extends common courtesies to all candidates.

Keep in mind, individuals are the best type of use in your business. The right individual will make you a huge amount of cash, so treat them well and you will discover better quality individuals come knocking on your door.