What are the Best Recruitment Solutions?

What are traditional Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment Agencies work as the middleman between companies and candidates, so candidates who sign up to agencies get access to jobs which may not be advertised anywhere else.

Recruitment Agencies use specialist Recruitment Consultants who can assess a candidate’s skills and decide on whether they are relevant for your position, and provide a company with a handful of relevant potential employees. Then, once these candidates have been hired, a commission fee will be charged to the company by this Agency, which is normally around 15%, and increases according to the salary.


What is Job Board Advertising?

Job Board Advertising consists of you, the company, posting your job directly onto job boards in order for potential candidates to find your vacancy and apply for it. You will then receive applications and can assess their skills and experience yourself, hopefully finding your perfect candidate(s) for interviewing and employment.


What is Flat Fee Recruitment?

Flat Fee Recruitment –  is a bit of a middle ground between Recruitment Agencies and Job Board Advertising. The Recruiters will optimise your job advert, post the job onto various job boards, and then screen the applications which come in in order to find your perfect candidate.

Given that this is a Flat Fee service, you do not have to pay extra once you hire a candidate, you only pay one certain amount, whether you hire 1 candidate or 20!


Which is best for YOU?

So, now you have all this information, you are closer to being able to decide which type of Recruitment is best for you. There are a few other things that may affect your decision, which we have compiled in a handy list below:

What is the role? – If your role is for a Care Assistant or Sales Executive with some/none experience, you probably don’t need to pay a specialist Consultant in order to fill it, meaning that Flat Fee Recruitment or Job Board Advertising will work in your favour. However, a specialist Front-End PHP Developer with a very specific degree and 5+ years’ experience in a very specific industry, who is based in the middle of nowhere, may require a bit more expertise, so an Agency may be to your benefit.

Where are you based? – If your job is in London, you are almost always going to get a ton of apps, relevant or not, just because of where you are. Therefore, providing your job isn’t too specialist (I’m talking about recent Graduates who also have 5+ years’ experience), Flat Fee Recruitment or Job Board Advertising are probably going to be a cheap and effective way to fill your vacancy. However, a job in the middle of nowhere may get significantly less traffic, meaning that an Agency who can source candidates for you, may be of use.

How many people are you hiring? – As we said before, Agencies do charge a fee per candidate hired, which can be up to 25% depending on the salary the candidate receives. This means that if you are aiming to hire 10 candidates for one position, the extra fee can get a little pricey. With Flat Fee Recruitment, you pay a one off charge you can budget a certain amount for your Recruitment, and you don’t have to pay a single penny more, even if you hire 100 candidates.

If you still can’t decide on what the best recruitment solutions are for you, we are now offering a free consultation with a member of our team. This simply consists of us getting in contact, hearing a bit about your company and the role you want to fill, and we should be able to guide you into the right option!

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