Top Recruiting Trends of 2019

The recruitment process keeps on evolving. Technology has given recruitment agency a new direction to get quality talent.Now, the organizations have better chances to increase the value of their talent pool. However, with the right techniques, you likewise need to think about the right direction to head in. The best approach to determine this is by following the top HR recruiting trends.

diversity trend

You must have heard a lot about diversity. It is a much-discussed theme nowadays. Actually, you can consider it a distinct advantage in recruitment. The greater part of the organizations are now convinced that diversity will bring value to their organization. However, the trend says that organizations should concentrate on making their employees feel that they have a place with the organization. This gives psychological stability to the employees.

You must note that diverse teams are more innovative, productive, and engaged. Companies take into consideration various aspects such as racial and ethnic diversity, gender, age, education, etc.

data driven hiring

Data Driven Hiring:

Hiring managers and experts are using data to get the best outcomes. Be it hiring incredible skills or measuring employees’ performance, data is considered to be very powerful. You can predict hiring results with numbers. Data-driven recruiting gives a scientific aspect to hiring. It also eliminates bias as it promotes recruitment based on numbers and not likeability.

Use numbers to decide time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, applicants-per-source, applicants-to-hire, and many other related metrics. These measurements will enable you to take the best hiring decision ever. In other words, data helps in making decisions based on facts and statistics.

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence:

Technology tools will take away the burden of going through numerous resumes and shortlisting candidates. This saves time and effort of the companies and increases productivity. Tools can help to streamline recruitment.


A New Aspect of Interview:

Traditional interviews are boring and old fashioned, however they are as yet viable for contracting directors. Or on the other hand I can say that is the main way how hiring managers recruit candidates. However, interviews are being reinvented. The reason is that you cannot assess soft skills of candidates and remove the bias element.

There are new devices accessible in the market which can fix these issues. Video interviews, virtual reality assessments, soft skills assessments virtual reality assessments, soft skills assessments and some of the techniques are a portion of the systems which can be considered as the new substance of meetings. These methods ensure that candidates also get a positive experience during interviews.

Thus, embracing diversity, data and new interviewing techniques is the key to get quality candidates. Ensure that you are staying up-to-date with the most recent patterns in the HR tech industry and improve your recruitment.


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