Taking Your Strengths to the Recruitment Market

Inside this blog post we will take a look at how you should take your qualities to the recruitment market. Let’s put some emphasis on the best way to offer remotely to the necessities of your prospective employers and target market.

As opposed to consider yourself as an employee looking for a job – try to change the emphasis from you being the seller of your services to employers becoming the buyers of them.

You have to extend yourself as an ‘solution looking for problems’ or ‘seeking opportunities to add value’ — i.e. you have to illustrate (by means of your accomplishments) how kinds of issues and issues you have tended to in the past will convey similar sorts of advantages later on.

It is basic that you communicate your excitement and energy for what you have confidence in. You have to inspire them in a way which makes them say “I can perceive any reason why he/she was successful in their last occupation and I might want somebody like him/her (you) to work for us!”

recruitment market

So how do you find out about what potential employers want and offer? Basically it’s all about research! This involves:

Collecting information from a variety of sources – Desk top research.

Developing relationships with a network of people to check out and expand your ‘intelligence’.

Recording Your Market Research.

The job market is dynamic and constantly changing. There are some fantastic job opportunities available. It is a question of looking in the right places and in the right way.

The job market has a number of components which basically can be grouped under two headings:

Visible Job Market – Advertisements & Recruitment Agencies.

Hidden Job Market – Using your Contacts & Direct Approaches.

To get to these, you have to receive both receptive and proactive quest for new employment techniques. There are a few diverse approaches to approach the job market. You may well feel more good with some than others. As a rule, you should use whatever number distinctive ones as could reasonably be expected. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!


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