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Skill Development Training

Our expert team of trainers and assessors provide customized training programs, workshops, and certification courses in various fields. We also offer assessments and testing services to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities of individuals. Our services are designed to improve workforce productivity and effectiveness, and ultimately contribute to the growth and development of businesses and individuals alike.
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Our Advantages

Delta Can Make Skills Development and Testing Easy

ISO Certified Recruitment Agency in Pakistan

Recognized by the Government of Pakistan

Member of the Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA)

Branch offices in different parts of the country

Best-qualified manpower to the Gulf (Middle East)

FMCG, Engineering, Construction, Labors (Skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled), IT etc.

Why trust us?

Trust us and Find the best talent with Delta - trusted trainers in the GCC, MENA, and Levant regions

Our solutions

We Facilitate Candidates With Best Skills Development Environment

Delta International provides candidates with a conducive and top-notch skills development environment to facilitate their professional growth and enhance their skillset:

Training Needs Analysis

We provide training needs analysis services to help you identify the skills gaps in your workforce. Our team of training experts can help you assess your employees' current skill levels and develop a customized training program that meets your specific needs.

Customized Training Programs

We provide customized training programs that are tailored to your organization's specific needs. Our training programs are designed to help you and your employees develop the skills necessary to succeed in your industry, whether it's FMCG, engineering, construction, IT or other sectors.

Flexible Delivery Options

We provide flexible delivery options, including in-person training, online training, and blended learning programs, to ensure that your training program is accessible to all of your employees, regardless of their location or schedule.

See Skill Development Training in action!

Delta International provides a top-notch skills development environment that includes access to industry-leading technology and resources, as well as expert guidance and support from experienced professionals.
Delta International's skills development environment can help job seekers enhance their skills, increase their knowledge, and gain a competitive edge in the job market. This can lead to better job opportunities, higher salaries, and long-term career success.

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