With all that in mind, we wanted to share some of the key benefits to using video interview for HR Recruiting Agency.


Increase Efficiency:

For recruiters and hiring managers, finding the right individual for the job can be a very tedious effort. Video interviewing can help accelerate this procedure and save your recruiting team measures of time by constraining the time they spend talking with unqualified candidates.

For example, many recruiters can tell if they want to move forward with a candidate within the first few minutes of an initial screen, and about 33% of businesses have made up their minds about candidate inside simply the initial 90 seconds. With telephone screens and in-person interview, a recruitment specialist may need to spend another 30 minutes conversing with a candidate. With video interviewing, then again, the HR Consultant need just watch a few minutes of video and doesn’t need to waste time on unqualified candidates.

quality hire

Quality Hire:

Video interviewing improves your employing results by enabling you to read body language and facial cues, along these lines giving you access to more information that you would get in a telephone screen.

By allowing you to screen candidate faster, video interviewing also lets you spend more time talking to the best fit candidates to give you a better idea of who is right for the job.

interview process

Standardize Interview Process:

With phone screens or in-person interview, it is hard to perfectly replicate the interview process for every candidate you converse with. Video interviews, then again, enable you to make a progressively consistent interviewing process. By setting the question in advance, you guarantee that all competitors get similar inquiries and a similar measure of time to respond to those inquiries. Having a standardized interview not only makes it easier for you to compare the candidates, yet in addition puts the candidate on a even playing field since they are on the whole working under similar conditions.

Remove Geographic Constraints:

By empowering candidate to interview remotely and own time, video interviewing removes the geographic constraints that in-person interviews often pose for candidates. This enables a business to arrive at a more extensive pool of talent to guarantee they’re finding the best candidate for job. Video meeting can likewise help mitigate the expenses of competitor travel that a business needs to shoulder by enabling companies to thoroughly screen applicants so they only have to bring in the candidates they really want to talk to. In fact, video interviews can save travel costs compared to conventional recruitment techniques.