For then again every one of those of you who have never worked with them, recruitment agencies are a great mystery. What do they really do? It is safe to say that they are any great? What are they to begin with? Organizations? NGOs? Businesses? Governmental organizations? Such a large number of questions… So let’s clear the air a bit.

Above all this, manpower agencies are organizations – basic and ordinary organizations that have representatives, that make good on regulatory obligations and that make benefit (or at least try to because the niche is very difficult and competitive).

A recruitment agency covers essentially two basic exercises: enables possibility to get a job and helps other companies find good candidates for the open positions they have. So they are a middle person available between competitors that quest for employments and organizations that quest for applicants. Most organizations (I use “most” in light of the fact that those we have worked with did it, however I can’t  bet that all on the planet are in a similar situation) offer for the most part free services to applicants and get paid by organizations as it were.

employment services

To a candidate, an HR recruitment agency offers the following services :

Receiving their resume and interesting it in a database which helps search for candidate with a specific expertise; for organizations working on a similar market, competition is gigantic on the grounds that they end up in the end with a similar database, so winning the customer gets harder; additionally, small inexperienced agencies can’t compete with enormous ones which as of now a huge list of candidates that they can search in minutes

– Helping the candidates build a professional resume (sometimes paid service);

– Assessing the candidate’s abilities by applying tests (IT, language, and professional psychological tests) or during interview;

– Offering improvement proposals (some of the time paid service) and offering to include them in preparing or training sessions;

– Sending the applicant’s resume to employers who have open positions, as per required skills;

Offering the candidate feedback if there should be an occurrence of rejection or mediating the compensation offering process.

– Offering the candidate feedback in case of rejection or compensation the salary offering process

To a company, a recruitment agency offers the following services:

– Search resumes in their database;

– Post ads on suitable recruitment channels;

– Interview and test candidates;

– Propose the best candidates for the available positions;

– Replace candidates for free if candidate leaves or is being fired (on candidate’s fault) within a certain time limit.

A recruitment agency works simply like some other organization. It is a specialist co-op. Its employees are recruiters (the individuals who do the real enrollment and choice), sales reps (who quest for customers and sign agreements – here and there in little organizations sales reps are likewise selection representatives) and bolster individuals (like finance people, building maintenance, drivers, any other internal position necessary for a company to work efficiently).

I hope the role of a recruitment agency is clear now. For further questions, please feel free to comment upon this post.