Staffing Services Firms:

Direct hire staffing services firms had developed as the distinct placement services suppliers had some expertise in setting highly skilled office and administrative support professionals in full time job positions. The job positions may identify with an associations or endeavors from small and medium measured undertakings to Multinational Corporations . The direct hire staffing services are empowering associations to get competitors as their full time representatives in positions crosswise over significant advancements, business tasks and ventures. Through these kind of services, organizations can convey their services on schedule and making a decent compatibility with their business customers and clients.

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Services Types: 

In this type of service, the mode of payments is usually based on receiving payments on contingency basis and therefore the client organizations pay the staffing service providers only when they had placed the candidates as their employees. This method of setting up is taking out the time overwhelmed by the undertakings related to the recruiting and hiring by the associations themselves. Associations searching for customary full-time workers are moving toward the Employment Agencies or staffing firms because of the following three factors:

  • Not having time or resources to advertise openings,
  • Unable to sift through numerous applications and resumes due to lack of qualified human resources staff,
  • Want to invest their time on core business activities rather than on scheduling and conducting numerous interviews and skill testing the applicants.

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Top Staffing Firms in Pakistan:

The top two staffing firms in the Pakistan, Delta International Recruitment Company (DITRC) and International Recruitment and Executive Search Company (IRESCO) staffing firms are the best sources for finding the best possible match for the client organizations’ specific job requirements matches qualified candidates with reputed companies across numerous industries and provides exciting careers with top employers.